Immersion Silver

2017/2/2 13:40:51

We have had some test results come back after we were getting poor wetting in our joints, we requested an EDS on our joints from our PCB supplier. They have provided the results and said that it was their fault and will replace.
What I want to know is what elements should be present in an immersion silver pad? - Before soldering.

Jorge Arizaga

2017/2/4 13:40:51

Your post answered my questions. Thanks a lot.


2017/2/4 13:40:51

Quite useful and impressive info. I have learned a lot from your article and I will keep on reading your sharing.

Yaser Fath

2017/2/4 13:40:51

Great article! Keep up the great writing.

Stephen Liddle

2017/2/4 13:40:51

Thanks for your sharing.It helps me a lot.

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