If I want to design high frequency RF PCB, which rule I should consider in altium?

2016/4/8 8:11:58

If I want to design a high frenqurncy PCB for education, can anyone give me some professional reference?


2016/9/24 3:21:26

Generally speaking,Altium is not a good PCB package for RF circuits with the need of Transmission Lines,Microwave Elements such as Lange Couplers, Sheet Filters etc. Cadence Allegro+RF Option is a good choice for these types of layouts but it's quite expensive.


2016/9/21 9:25:17

The operating frequenncy and the application of your design is not given by you. So that it is impossible to give clear advice.


2016/8/17 17:46:35

Is there a RF design or a high speed digital design you need? And what is the function of this design.Onlu when you write clear about your question,we can answer clear.

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