I want to find a CNC machine for PCB manufacturing

2016/7/1 20:18:06

I'm looking for a CNC machine that can be used for different PCB manufacturing tasks such as: Drilling PCBs Pick and place for assembly Soldering

Mohamed Ramadan

2016/12/1 2:53:23

There is no machine have these three functions as you need. What you need are three different machines, and soldering isn't done with an iron, but reflow in a carefully temperature controlled oven.


2016/11/27 7:55:40

Have you seen a P&P machine that can also be used as a simple CNC? It is totally impossible with nowdays technology.


2016/10/24 7:24:14

What you need are 3 separate machines. 1.Theres is no answer. 2.At work we have a pick and place machine. It's pretty specialized since it has to take parts from various tubes and trays. This is an expensive machine. I wouldn't try that with a general CN


2016/7/14 17:01:14

I have not seen any soldering XYZ machines. Solder paste dispensers do exist, and would seem more usefull for an SMD prototyping environment.


2016/7/3 20:18:06

It is pretty helpful to my daily learning.

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