I need a QUAD QSP-2 Question answered

2017/2/27 23:49:28

I would like to freeze feeders on a global basis. I am tired of table changeovers every time I run a different board. A good example is today I ran 1 board which went well. I wanted to run a board behind it that had 99% the same parts. I am not necessarily concerned about. I know there is a freeze option, however the problem I have is that if I freeze the table and then reload another program it disregards the feeders I froze in the previous program.
Can anyone offer some input into this situation. Thanks in advance for your posts.

Nicolas Giussani

2017/3/1 23:49:28

Very valuable!

Lebrun Bernard

2017/3/1 23:49:28

It is very interesting and helpful.I will keep check your post.

Eduardo Gonzalez

2017/3/1 23:49:28

You are a genuis!


2017/3/1 23:49:28

I am so glad that you shared this useful information with us. It is pretty helpful.Hope you can write again.

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