Humidity Of Assembly Area

2017/2/27 5:47:54

We manufacture opto-electronics, small ccd cameras for pipeline inspection. I was wondering if anyone knew of a standard value for the recommended humidity of an assembly environment for optos in particular or for general electronic assembly.
We had a "flood" the other month and are having some process problems in various areas.
I am monitoring the humidity at present but I need to know what the benchmark is.

Chris Duca

2017/3/1 5:47:54

Impressive and helpful.


2017/3/1 5:47:54

I was really confused, and this answered all my qutoiesns.

Francois Torres

2017/3/1 5:47:54

Thanks for your sharing.It helps me a lot.

Ercin Dalgic

2017/3/1 5:47:54

incredible work


2017/3/1 5:47:54

I appreciate your article very much. Wait for your next writing.

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