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PCB System Design

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PCB designs grow increasingly complex and challenging with each technological advance.Designs containing multiple interconnected boards are traditionally executed with desktop office tools. Anything about PCB System Design can be discussed here.

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How to use the Circuit CAM
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i am a new in SMT production line which my YMC is a small Contract Manufacturing Service. i want to learn more about Circuit Cam Software.
reasonable, i don't know how to convert from Gerber File to Circuit Cam to make a LAYOUT and PCB to my MYDATA machine.
would you please intruct me how to do it?
i am very appriciated for your kindness!
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I really appreciate your content.Good resource for new beginners.

Shahzad Rafiq

Great work. I really appreciate it.

Richard Baggaley

I will keep on reading your sharing. Thats really interesting and helpful.

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