How to use MultiSim for a beginner?

2016/4/2 18:55:24

I'm just starting to use MultiSim. What would be the best way to learn to use MultiSim in your opinion?

Gyorgy Koncseg

2016/11/14 17:52:42

Simply press simulation button and click on voltmeter or use measurement probe


2016/7/2 13:47:42

Multisim is a simple program. You just need to learn the bases from the Internet, a book is not needed.

José luis cordoba

2016/5/23 22:16:56

In the multisim the LED will emit blue light when the LED current is greater then 5mA. You could change the resistor to gets 5mA. Or change the LED ON current. Double click on the LED and change to ON current.

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