How to use a Prototype PCB

2016/11/27 9:07:21

Because of cost problem, I would use a prototype board. I have used those once before and it was a clear mess. I kept shorting IC pins while connecting lines to them fried a whole PCB. But it was a not so good experience. I attribute this failure to my incompetence in soldering on the prototype boards. I can do a clean solder on any PCB in a kit but I think prototype boards are a different ball game. So I want to know do anyone have tips on using such boards?

Eugene Shamaev

2016/12/15 22:56:34

By using wire wrap wire you will reduce the amount of excess wire you have and reduce the chances of creating shorts, and make a good mechanical connection.


2016/12/4 14:21:24

What I do is to start with a piece of graph paper with a 100mil grid. You can set the components out and draw connections and start with a good layout plan.

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