How to power my Prototype PCB - onboard Regulator or External Supply?

2016/9/10 10:38:13

I am aying out the PCB for first prototype, I am now thinking of laying out the power section but am wondering if I should just power it from an external supply. It is simple as it means I don't have to test and pick voltage regulators. The power requirements may even change in the future depending on my CPLDs. So my questions are: Are there any drawbacks I should be aware of ? Should the power section be always close to the relavent chips? I feel I have sufficient decoupling now. But should I include a large capacitor that as 470uF and apply power straight to that?


2016/12/23 13:25:16

You can lay it out with holes for say 7805 form-factor regulators even if you plan to power it from a bench supply at this point. You don't have to populate them, it won't cost any more to have the boards made and you will be ready to experiment with regulators when you want to.


2016/11/30 22:05:52

One thing you have to worry about with programmable logic is supply sequencing: the overall timing of voltage rails coming up to nominal when power is turned on. This can be an issue when the start-up speeds vary, which is something you can see easily on a scope.

Cleber Toss Hoffmann

2016/11/8 14:47:33

I usually power my prototypes from my bench power supply. As you say, it saves picking a VReg at this stage. Yes, you should have a nice meaty capacitor where the power enters the board.

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