How to make pcb at home

2017/5/26 16:36:54

I try making DIY projects which require simple PCBs: a single layer PCB.But how to make a PCB at home with commonly available tools? Often people face problem while buying boards from manufacturers, bad quality,slow lead time,waiting for so long,etc.The most common problem is that the circuit may work some time and may not work other time. Hence I would like to do it by myself.


2017/7/20 15:40:05

Hello, i recomend view the next video, its very easy and cheap


2017/7/20 15:39:49

Hello, i recomend view the next video, its very easy and cheap

William Paul

2017/5/26 17:19:12

You should make a list of materials required to make a pcb board,such as:

laser printer
household clothes iron
copper clad laminate
etching solution
kitchen scrubs,etc.

Alessio Gandini

2017/5/26 17:02:40

General steps:
1.Creating PCB Circuit Layout
2.Cut the Copper Plate
3. Transfer thePCB Print onto the Copper Plate
4. Iron the Circuit from the Paper onto the PCB Plate
5. Etch the Plate
6. Cleaning, Disposal, and the Final Touches

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