How to learn PCB manufacturers before ordering

2017/3/17 14:13:36

Last time, I bought a PCB board online, unfortunately, it has minor defect. So, I want to be pretty careful this time. Before ordering, I’d like to check the manufacturer information as detailed as possible. After all, I don’t want to see any quality issues in my PCB.

I can hardly find detailed manufacturers information in websites like pcb-pool but brief introduction in project-pcb. Actually, I am very surprised to find manufacturers in allpcb, the information it displays is just what I concern and very detailed. And numerous pcb manufacturers cooperates with allpcb. I am a bit doubt whether the information is true or not, but I can access the website of manufacturers once clicking them. Then more information comes including information certification, quality control, PCB samples, manufacturing capacity, etc. Everything seems ok so far and I am truly tempted.

But I still cannot make up my mind right now. I am new to allpcb and wonder if anyone has bought PCB from it before. If so, the opinion from buyer is very valuable. By the way, I can get the feedback in allpcb, but I prefer to hear from other buyers, this helps ease my worries. Thanks!

Luis Fernando

2017/4/24 11:35:48

Seems a good choice for manufacturer,but I want see more.

Eduardo Gonzalez

2017/4/10 15:33:34

Manufacturers are important, and it is good to learn some before ordering. Perhaps you can place a small order and check by yourself.

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