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There are thousands of pcb manufacturers in the world, ofering pcb prototype, low volume pcb manufacturing, or online service platform. But which is the most fit for you? where can you find the reliable PCB manufacturers? How about their quality, price and lead time...

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How to learn PCB manufacturers before ordering
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Stephen Gullotto

Last time, I bought a PCB board online, unfortunately, it has minor defect. So, I want to be pretty careful this time. Before ordering, I’d like to check the manufacturer information as detailed as possible. After all, I don’t want to see any quality issues in my PCB.

I can hardly find detailed manufacturers information in websites like pcb-pool but brief introduction in project-pcb. Actually, I am very surprised to find manufacturers in allpcb, the information it displays is just what I concern and very detailed. And numerous pcb manufacturers cooperates with allpcb. I am a bit doubt whether the information is true or not, but I can access the website of manufacturers once clicking them. Then more information comes including information certification, quality control, PCB samples, manufacturing capacity, etc. Everything seems ok so far and I am truly tempted.

But I still cannot make up my mind right now. I am new to allpcb and wonder if anyone has bought PCB from it before. If so, the opinion from buyer is very valuable. By the way, I can get the feedback in allpcb, but I prefer to hear from other buyers, this helps ease my worries. Thanks!
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Luis Fernando

Seems a good choice for manufacturer,but I want see more.

Eduardo Gonzalez

Manufacturers are important, and it is good to learn some before ordering. Perhaps you can place a small order and check by yourself.

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