How to lay tracks for complex board?

2016/9/19 21:57:55

I would like to receive the sugestions on the order in which I should lay out the track for a complex 4 layer board. I have 150 parts of which there are 38 ICs , 35 LEDs, a high density connector and the remaining are resistors and caps. The detectors and the LED selector are I2C at that is only 100Khz clock. The I2C clock is not active after the desired LED and detector are selected. My question is that should I lay the power and ground first? should I lay the longest runs first?


2016/12/6 7:11:36

From your words, I guess the LEDs and connector have fixed locations, so the other parts have to be placed to minimize total track lengths.


2016/10/21 22:17:43

For your words, there are so many components and ICs on a board which sounds like a challenging board to route. And component placement will be crucial to succeed.


2016/10/1 21:29:33

What I often do is allocating one inner layer as ground. Then you have a good ground plane power becomes much less critical.

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