How to export Silkscreen Gerber in Eagle?

2016/12/22 14:59:56

When I tried to export the Gerber from Eagle file, I found that the Bottom Silkscreen was missing.I do not know any reason of it.  
The customer said that there is a Bottom Silkscreen layer in his Eagle document, but I am unable to get it to export.
What I am supposed to be doing to find the missing bottom silkscreen?


2016/12/24 16:33:10

Is there actually anything on that layer? You can turn off all of the layers 
except that and check.

Alejandro Ariel Cabral

2016/12/24 16:16:43

You can do as the following way:
1. Select the CAM Processor,
2. A screen will be opened,  
3. You can either add each layer manually, or Eagle does have some default Gerber generators for your use.
If you create the layer yourself you just need to press 'Add' in the bottom right of the screen and give it a name you like. 

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