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PCB Manufacturing

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PCB manufacturing consists of many steps, such as PCB CAM, Panelization, Copper patterning, etc. This group is mainly talked about the problems during PCB manufacturing!

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How to Ensure Reliable PCB Shielding?
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Described as revolutionary, the company's printed-circuit board shielding design and manufacturing process enlists standardized manufacturing methods to provide engineers with a new level of circuit-board-shield design and production flexibility. Slot-Lok circuit-board shields, the latest addition to the Flex-Tech product line, consist of RoHS-compliant materials that reportedly exhibit exceptional solder characteristics, corrosion resistance, and shielding effectiveness. Other features of the Slot-Lok design include an audible click that confirms secure retention of the shield cover. Additionally, the Flex-Tech concept helps reduce standard design-to-delivery times from eight weeks to a lead-time of two weeks.
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