How to draw good schematics?

2016/7/15 18:05:00

What are rules and guidelines for drawing good schematics? Note that this is about schematics themselves, not about the circuits they represent.


2016/12/16 6:35:06

You should leave enough space between pins. Many premade schematic symbols pack the device pins as tightly as possible. While this minimizes the area of a symbol, it also makes the circuit more difficult to read as you have connections converging fr


2016/12/14 16:49:22

A Schematic Diagram is intended to be the documentation of a circuit. So I highly recommend including any simple equations that may be used. This includes LED current calculations, filter corner frequencies, etc.


2016/12/12 1:52:33

If the circuit yo use is copied from a datasheet, you can put the reference on the schematic so that someone else can check it later.

2B labs

2016/12/10 0:41:43

You should indicate UART direction. Since UART lines are not always clear which way they are flowing, add a little arrow next to each line to show the direction is cecessary.

Yaser Fath

2016/8/31 0:26:57

What you need to remember is that do not pack too much stuff on a page. People may start complaining if your schematic is fourty pages but the alternative is having rats nest of confusing wiring between parts. Break up the schematic into logical block

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