How to do PCB wiring?

2017/5/19 15:50:05

1.Before wiring, the first thing is to classify the lines. The main classification method is based on the power level and each group is divided by every 30dB power level.

2.Different classification of the wire should be with binding separate and laying. The adjacent wires can be put together by shield or twist. The minimum distance between the bundles laid by classification is 50 to 75 mm.

3.In the resistor layout, the gain control of amplifier, pull-down and regulator rectifier circuit to the resistor, bias resistance (up and down) should be as close as possible to the amplifier, active device and its power and ground, in order to reduce its decoupling effect (to improve the transient response time).
4.The bypass capacitor is placed near the power input.

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