How to Deal With Differential Pair Routing and Stacking

2016/4/25 23:58:28

I am confused is it a good way to put two ground plane back to back in PCB stack,if PCB boards only have differential pairs routing and they are routed on top and bottom of the board?If it's not,i prefer to get some suggestions how can we deal with differential pair routing and do right stacking of PCB.


2016/12/22 19:48:18

I would suggest using standard layer thicknesses to stack up or stitch them together at edges.

Setyawan P. Sakti

2016/10/27 8:06:21

I think it's a good way, you can use vias to make the two ground layers tied together.I believe the magnetic field of the 3D solver can tell you if you need more or different distributions. By intuition,I suspect that the connection of the connector to the ground plane is enough.

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