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PCB Testing

How to check the quality of a PCB
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When I look for a PCB, how can I know the quality of that pcb, so I can trust the professionality of the manufacturer. Any good ideas?
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Ciurdar Gabriel

  1. whether manufacterer can manufactor board with proscribed design rules like clearance between wire to wire ,wire to pad ,wire to via ,via to via etc ,
  2. min trace width with which he can manufacture.
  3. min diameter via he can achieve,bcz for high density interconnect via with dia 6 or 8 mils are used,this can only achieved by only advance manufactering technology.
  4. ability to maitain controled impedance for traces. If manufacturer can provide like these facalities then it is ok.

Luc Vercruysse

I think you can only do simple visual checks:
1) Observe the silkscreen printing on the board layout.
2) Observe the soldermask opening will observe some mis-registration if the quality is bad.
3) Hold the board vertically and view it from its side.check out for warpage on the board.
4) Inspect the drill holes on the bare PCB.