How to check the PCB design for manufacturing? Can anyone give some suggestions of designing?

2016/11/21 11:05:21

I want to design for manufacturing,but I do not know much about it. Can somebody share some guidelines to learn? Can the PCB fab house be help with this?


2016/12/10 11:41:51

The first thing you'll want to do when designing a PCB is to make good use of the Design Rule Check function in your PCB program. The DRC lets you check your PCB desgin to make sure the board house you choose can manufacture it. The things like minimum space between traces, minimum space between vias, minimum copper surrounding vias, etc are all can be checked by DRC function.


2016/11/24 9:24:39

For designing PCB, you need to supply Gerber file to PCB fab house. So your PCB design software should be able to create. If it can't, dump it and switch to a decent EDA package.

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