How long can you leave paste?

2017/2/1 21:05:37

Just wondering if anyone has done trials on how long you can leave paste (tin-lead or pb free) on a board after you have printed it before it starts going 'off'?
Thanks Chrissie
FYI - have searched and found the 'pasting ahead' thread - just wondering if anyone went away and had a good look? They paste them here at this company (just joined this week) and they leave them on the shelf (room temperature, uncontrolled room, not even a clearoom!) for x amount of time. That x seem to vary, but it's over hours. and hours.
Been out of the industry for a while, so just wondering if it was just me thinking these people are crazy or if there had been some advances.
If it helps i can find out paste type.


2017/2/3 21:05:37

It answered all my puzzles.Very helpful.

Juan Pablo Vales

2017/2/3 21:05:37

My friends and I have learned a lot with your post. And we will keep on following you for the further study.Hope your next article will come soon.


2017/2/3 21:05:37

I must say you have very interesting posts here.


2017/2/3 21:05:37

I appreciate your article very much. Wait for your next writing.

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