Host a Selective Soldering Seminar

2017/2/2 22:11:45

Dr. Ronny Horn.
SEHO North America, Inc. announces a one-day Selective Soldering Seminar from the SEHO Academy presented by Dr. Ronny Horn, and scheduled to take place Wednesday, June 29 or Friday, July 1, 2011 at its facility near Cincinnati.
As part of the successful SEHO Academy with more than 500 satisfied attendees worldwide, the seminar will help increase the quality level of the production process and decrease manufacturing costs, thus enabling participants to realize higher levels of profitability.
The one-day seminar will provide information and focus on the importance of precision in the selective soldering process, with the resulting demand for process optimization to improve both quality and cycle time. The seminar will provide detailed theoretical background knowledge followed by hands-on training.

The Selective Soldering Seminar Attendees will learn:

  • Process teaching parameters
  • Lead-free selective soldering
  • Process-related soldering errors and corrective measures
  • Typical issues in the selective soldering process, such as poor hole fill, solder bridging and solder balling
Dr. Ronny Horn, a graduate physicist, began his career at SEHO in 2004 as product manager for soldering technology. He has written a diploma thesis about thermal characterization of SiC mono-crystals and a dissertation about thermal utilization of solar energy at the Center for Applied Energy Research. Dr. Horn graduated from the University of Wuerzburg in 2001.

Hugo Marques

2017/2/4 22:11:45

The article has really peaked my interest.Hope you can write again soon.


2017/2/4 22:11:45

Very valuable!


2017/2/4 22:11:45

Bravo! Hope you can write soon.

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