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PCB Design Rules

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Initially PCBs were designed manually by creating a photomask on a clear mylar sheet, usually at two or four times the true size. Starting from the schematic diagram the component pin pads were laid out on the mylar and then traces were routed to connect the pads. If you have many questions of PCB Design, please come here!

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High-Speed PCB Design Influences Signal Integrity
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With the constant progress of electronic technologies, increasing high frequency of clock in digital system, increasingly short rising edge time, PCB system has become a system structure with high performance, far more than just a platform supporting components. From the perspective of electric performance, the interconnection between high-speed signals is no longer expedite or transparent and the influence of interconnection between leads on high-speed PCB and board plane properties can't be neglected any longer. How to successfully deal with problems of signal integrity including reflection, crosstalk, delay, calling and impedance matching caused by high-speed signal interconnection and to ensure the quality of signal transmission determines the success of the design.
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