Help with Ceramic Disc Capacitor Numbers

2017/2/7 19:39:22

I need to replace this can someone please tell me what I am looking for and where I can buy a replacement. I think this is a disc capacitor. Here is some info, this is attached to an On/Off switch on a Console Stereo, the stereo should turn off when in the Off position but it stays on. The Console stereo should when switched to the Off position turn off BUT if you turn the switch the turntable knob to On the whole unit should come on until the record finishes then the unit will turn back off automatically. So Iam thinking this has something to do with that function. Anyone have any ideas on that? Please see the photos attached. Thanks


2017/2/9 19:39:22

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2017/2/9 19:39:22

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Khairul Mustaqim

2017/2/9 19:39:22

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