Help-Wire Bonding Defects Analysis After Encapsulation

2017/2/28 6:48:59

I have some 1.25 mils Al wire bonding chip on board process. After epxoy-based encapsulation, I do some aging test. How can I "see" or prove that there is a "wire break" exist due to the tension of thermal cycling? How can I know the failure is caused by die, die attached paste, wire bonding, encapsulant, popcorn, or thermal mismatch? Could someone please list some of theanalysis methods and providers?

Antonio Semeraro

2017/3/2 6:48:59

I have learned a lot from your article. Quite useful and impressive info.


2017/3/2 6:48:59

It is very interesting and helpful.I will keep check your post.

Ahmad Faraz Khan

2017/3/2 6:48:59

Great help to my new project.


2017/3/2 6:48:59

Impressive and helpful.

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