Hard to contact when buying PCB online

2017/3/16 9:48:48

As a matter of fact, I’m a new PCB buyer but need to purchase one PCB board now. This is not an easy task for me at all. I’ve never done this before by myself and don’t know how to start. So, I’ve searched online for possible helpful information. There are many PCB manufacturing service platforms such as 4pcb,customcircuitboards,epectec, ALLPCB, etc. Those websites are from different countries and I should make a good comparison before ordering.
As a new comer, I am always expecting considerate support from them, especially when buying PCB at my first time. There is no doubt that I will regard the customer service as the vital selection criteria, and I can’t help seeking contact way once visiting one website.
As showed above, I have to fill my private information firstly in 4pcb. For live support, I don’t want to mail representative either. The same is true in customcircuitboards. To be honest, I hate email back and forth; it is very time-consuming as time difference exists. Continuing my searching, I find ALLPCB where contact information is very detailed as below:
However, it is still similar to other websites: I have to contact them by mail. Though a bit disappointed, I find something different in the home page.
The blue button catches my eyes suddenly, and it should be bigger or being ignored easily. Actually, that is what I am finding, online chatting without waiting. Now I am receiving reply and knowing that I can get help at my convenient time. It seems good.


2017/8/13 16:39:54

Originally posted by Eibert Draisma   2017-04-10 14:21:48
To me, I won't place my order if I found hard to contact.
What if anything goes wrong?
I will be upset if help is not timely.

 hi,pcb manufacturer here, we can give you great support in pcb production and in pretty good price,contact me,my email is hiwa@global-pcba.com


2017/8/13 16:37:05

Dear Eibert Draisma,

We are a professional PCB manufacturer in China. Our company was set up in 2004, can support you with total solutions including PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly and components sourcing with good quality , pretty competitive price and delivery guaranteed.Also we have our own professional designers to meet any of your requriements.

It's our honour if we can cooperate!my email is hiwa@global-pcba.com


Rolf Niemand

2017/5/15 14:16:05

I agree. If I can not find a reliable communicator,how can I trust him to manufacture a good board for me?

Eibert Draisma

2017/4/10 14:21:48

To me, I won't place my order if I found hard to contact.

What if anything goes wrong?

I will be upset if help is not timely.

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