Grounding between enclosures

2016/4/7 10:41:53

Our overall system is fed AC power and converted to 28V with an off-the-shelf converter. Currently the enclosures we are designing each have a PCB internally and currently these PCB's power supplies are tied to the same ground. I'm contending that the grounds should be connected because there won't be any common reference for the single ended connections between each enclosure. Do these lower voltages need to be isolated from the 28V?


2016/8/14 13:36:28

All blocks of each enclosure will form a Star ground to the chassis. Then, each enclosure will form a Star ground to the external supply. The supply should then be earth grounded.


2016/7/31 4:23:03

It is known that you are showing analog and signal grounds being connected between the two boxes. So connecting the power grounds together is not a great idea. You are inviting ground loops.


2016/5/2 16:16:07

If your boxes are at all separated physically, and your interconnecting signals are low voltage/ high impedance, you will be very well advised to use differential transmission for your interbox signals

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