Good equipment of PCB etching

2016/6/28 11:58:30

Is therer anyone can give me the information of getting an equipment of etching or tell me ways of making one by myself.


2016/12/12 23:09:00

I do not understand what you mean by equipment? I use 2 plastic lunch boxes for my developer tank and etchant tank, then sit them in a bucket of hot water to speed up the etching time. IF the equipment you mean is for this, then it is easy to get.

Stean Fuhos

2016/11/29 23:11:42

What I suggest is using pentel-pen or masking tape for the trace you want to retain for your circuit. Then Ferric chloride will remove the exposed copper.


2016/6/30 11:58:30

Quite useful and impressive info. I have learned a lot from your article and I will keep on reading your sharing.

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