Get cheap pcb design

2017/5/24 10:47:58

PCB design plays an important role in producing a high quality, low cost PCB boards. We can say that designing a PCB is considerably more important than the PCB itself. Designing PCB is only part of manufacturing processes, but I know it is not so easy to most designers.Any good tips to do it well?I want to make it cheap.Thanks!


2018/11/6 18:08:45

That is a wider question.


2017/5/24 11:57:45

PCB design is an art as much as a science. Very different worlds, very different techniques and even that exact terminology you speak of varies across those different applications.

Jukka Ainali

2017/5/24 11:08:53

As to design a PCB, that depends on the complexity of the circuit, what components are required, whether or not footprints for those components exist, how many layers the PCB requires, and other factors.That is a wider question.

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