For connecting thermocouple wires to a PCB, are special terminals required?

2016/9/1 7:36:24

Can I use any type of terminal I want to land the wires onto the PCB? Will these new junctions introduce errors? Is the termination method dependent on the thermocouple type?

Mikel Rodriguez

2016/12/9 9:51:01

Any change in material will introduce an error on the signal. However if the changes are the same on both terminals then those errors will cancel out. So you can use just about any method you like as long as you keep things symmetrical.


2016/11/27 4:10:42

Thermocouples use the difference between two metals at temperatures to generate a voltage that is representative of the temperature. This means that all of the cable needs to be this special combination of metals to give you the temperature measurement accurately. You can buy thermal couple wire for this purpose.


2016/10/24 16:38:23

For your situation, you can use a terminal block made with ordinary materials is quite sufficient for a relatively modest accuracy system as you're aiming for.


2016/9/3 7:36:24

I certainly enjoyed reading your post.

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