For a 4 layers PCB, covering with ground polygon on Layer 1 and 4 necessary?

2016/7/3 10:17:14

The 4 layers PCB layout I am designing is as following. Layer 1: Top signal (high speed) Layer 2: Ground plane Layer 3: Power plane (5v, 3.3v, 1.8v) Layer 4: Bottom signal (normal speed) Since now I already got a dedicated Ground plane, my question is: After finished all the routing, for Layer 1 & 4, should I still cover all the emptied space with Ground as well?

Ronnie Walker

2016/11/20 6:37:45

I would say the ground pour is ok, but increase the clearance gap beyond what you normally use, to improve manufacturability, since the benefit is limited.


2016/9/24 22:37:29

The answer is yes.

Fabián Do?aque

2016/9/9 14:31:27

To provide Ground Planes into the Top layer and Bottom Layer is a good practice. If you can't accommodate in the Top/Bottom layers, Make sure that you make a Top-Bottom Via which connects in the internal plane. This reduces the current return paths. Gener


2016/7/5 10:17:14

Truly enjyed reading your posts.

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