Footprint in Kicad

2016/8/30 7:40:22

I have a footprint that I would like two different sized connectors attached to the same pin out. How can I add traces between the two parallel hole rows. Must I make some type of separate schematic & PCB layout then import it in order to have connected holes?


2016/11/18 23:12:38

KiCad discourages creating such traces, by disabling the option, and putting a warning message to say it is "very dangerous". So things might go very wrong later.

Yaser Fath

2016/10/10 0:03:26

If I understand you correctly, you have the pads close enough that they overlap. If it is right, I would not be able to do this because one of the connectors I need to use has an external shell requiring some space.

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