Find Chinese PCB fabricators

2017/5/23 11:49:21


Does anyone have experience of any Chinese PCB company?I want some attractive pricing for doing small production runs. I am doing well with one, but a current board order is late and responses to emails seem to be getting slower.I don't like that, so I need a new alternative. I am wondering if you have heard of a good Chinese producer? I have a few projects running.


2017/5/23 14:35:25

Oshpark is considerable.If you are in no hurry,you can get a crazy cheap price, as low as several dollars,of course without shipping cost.

Philip Hawthorne

2017/5/23 13:53:05

My normal board house for prototypes is ALLPCB,it has on-line quote and a good variety of board options (thickness, finish, quantity,etc.).Besides,the boards from PCBCOREand GoldPhoenix are arrived right on time and look good.

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