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Factors that cause circuit board solding defects
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Enrico Gensale

There are several factors that cause circuit board solding defects:
First, the solderability of the hole.
If circuit board hole solderability is not good, it will affect the circuit components of the parameters, resulting in conduction instability, causing the entire circuit function failure.
Second, warping
Circuit boards and components in the soldering process may produce warping, causing short circuit and other defects. Warping is often due to the imbalance of the upper and lower parts of the circuit board or due to the weight of the circuit board itself.
Third, PCB design
If the board size is too large, the printed line length and impedance will increase, anti-noise ability will decrease and cost will increase;if board is too small, the welding is not easy to control and prone to adjacent lines interfere with each other, such as circuit board Electromagnetic interference and so on. How to optimize the PCB file?
1. shorten the connection between high-frequency components, reduce EMI interference.
2. heavy (such as more than 20G) components, should to be fixed bracket and then welding.
3. thermal components should be away from the heat source.
4. the arrangement of components as parallel as possible, making it easy to weld.
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Jana Velicova

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