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With the development of modern technology, PCBs are widely used, and with the cost down of electronic equipment, everyone wants cheaper and cheaper prices. The heavy cost pressure can also be felt in the PCB industry. Of course when making the PCB boards, we can find a lot of ways to reduce the cost, like changing the base material, changing the material of solder mask...

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Factors affecting PCB board prices Reply 2017-04-22 11:44:51

Eduardo Gonzalez

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Factors affecting PCB board prices:

1. PCB line

Depending on the PCB line, if tight line is less than 4/4mm, the price will be calculated again.

2. BGA

If there is BGA in a board, so the cost will be relatively up. (Sometimes may be calculate by BGA numbers)

3. Regional differences

Generally speaking, in the geographical location, the price has increasing trend from south to north.

1. The cost of the board (different board costs are different)

2. Drilling cost (the numbers of hole and hole size affect the drilling costs)

3. Process cost (different process of PCB makes the price different)

4. Management costs (this cost depends on the control of each factory)

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