Exhibit a Host of Solder Materials at SMT Nuremberg 2015

2017/2/2 16:10:23

Rosin based flux technology for wave soldering.

The Balver Zinn Group announces that they will be attending SMT/Hybrid/Packaging 2015 scheduled to take place May 5-7 in Nuremberg, Germany.

They will highlight the company’s latest solder flux and paste technology in Booth #7-308.

In response to market demands, the Balver Zinn Group has developed a high-end, Rosin based flux technology for wave soldering. The latest Cobar 390-RO-HT is a modified version of the highly reliable 390-RX-HT flux and is ROL0 classified according to IPC standards J-STD-004.

The residues of this no-clean formulation are dry and shiny and can be removed easily if required. Because of the Rosin nature of the flux Cobar 390-RO-HT, no tendency for white residues will occur in humid environments.

The Balver Zinn Group introduces the latest flux development for selective soldering applications. Cobar 88-SEL is designed to eliminate solder balling in selective soldering processes, such as between connector pins.

The formulation that features a solid content of 6.7% is Rosin based and classified as ROL0 according to IPC standard J-STD-004. Cobar 88-SEL flux leaves a very low level of shiny, dry residues and offers perfect reliability for high-end and automotive applications.

Also on display at the SMT Show will be a modified version of the existing Cobar OT2. The new Cobar OT2M is a rosin based solder paste and will be available in all common solder alloys.

Cobar OT2M solder paste exhibits longer stencil life, increased tack time, improved self-alignment properties, gives less odor and reduces voiding. Cobar OT2M is halogen and halide free and is classified ROL0 according to J-STD-004. The unique flux formulation produces clear and hardly visible residues and is available as no-clean formulation for all applications such as high-end and automotive.

Balver Zinn and Cobar offer solder bar, solder wire, solder flux, gel flux, cleaner and solder paste. 

Ian Hughes

2017/2/4 16:10:23

I really appreciate your content.Good resource for new beginners.


2017/2/4 16:10:23

Impressive and helpful.

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