Error of altium PCB layout net

2016/10/12 12:09:49

I redid my designators in the schematic and updated the changes to the pcb. But the nets which I have routed, now give me an error. Basically what's happened is that some of the traces netnames haven't been updated.Can anyone one tell me why this happens and how to get it right every time?


2016/12/22 13:02:20

Go to Design tab up in the top toolbar, then Netlist, then Clear all nets in your PCB Doc . And then re-import changes from schematics, and it will re-assign all the nets, and re-establish traces which do not 'collide' anymore.

Juan Matte

2016/12/17 4:56:46

I solved the problem with renaming all mismatched components in schematic editor and then import changes into PCB. After that the nets were OK and I renamed the components back and I once more imported the changes into PCB


2016/11/6 23:15:17

You should make sure your component links are good, and keep them up-to-date to avoid this happen.


2016/10/31 5:52:36

I usually shelve the polygons, select the erroneous nets, cut them at a specific location e.g. a pin, and past them again to solve the problem.

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