ERC problem of eagle schematic

2016/5/13 21:41:23

I have designed a circuit in Eagle 5.8.0 Professional, however when I tried to make an electrical rule check, there are almost 400 errors shown on the list. When I look at the errors, there seems no problems. Why did this happen?


2017/1/2 2:08:30

You have run past the actual connection point causing a missed connections. You need to make the pins visible so you know where to connect then erase each overlapped trace and connect it to the pin. Try routing from the pin back to a trace instead of the


2016/9/18 20:54:20

A common cause to that problem is when you use the "wire" command to connect components. Use the "net" command. It will help eliminate such overlaps.

Colin Durbridge

2016/8/16 0:16:18

You can use the Eye tool to see what is connected where, you will find that none of those 400 pins are connected properly. I guess the basic problem is that you′re using too fine grid.

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