ENIG or Flash

2017/2/27 22:46:36

Dear all,
I'm having a friendly discussion with our chief manufacturing engineer.
To our PCB suppliers we specify the use of "chemical gold", imo this means we use ENIG, Our boards are all copper under the solderresist which imo further confirms we are using ENIG. However, our chief ME keeps pursisting chemical gold is flash and our boards are all flash gold. He is in charge of all PCB related stuff, he should be the specialist.
So, now I'm turing to the real specialist for advice, who is right here? And if it is me (please let it be me), is there an internet paper which I can shove under his nose to confirm this?


2017/3/1 22:46:36

Marvelous posting.


2017/3/1 22:46:36

I must say you have very interesting posts here.

Guy Ovadia

2017/3/1 22:46:36

The article has really peaked my interest.Hope you can write again soon.

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