Engineering Change Notification

2017/2/2 2:39:04

Hi Guys,
We have a customer who is requesting us to issue a document ECN (engineering change notification) record to them, IF we have any changes in : 1) direct materials used, 2) indirect materials used, 3) machine configuration, 4) change in SMT Line we run the product, 5) process flow changes, 6) change of equipment/machine used to produce the product, 7) etc...
We can understand the customer request for the ECN record, however what we do not buy is the minimum ECN notify period of 30-days in advance of the ECN implementation date/time?
Has anyone else encountered such a customer request? or can anyone share to us, if this customer request is of normal practice, then what is the "appropriate" notification "advanced" timeline to the customer? is 30-days in advance an extreme case to inform a customer, we are changing the product run from SMT Line 1 to SMT Line 2???
PS: the customer has declared failure to notify them of any ECN change whatever so within 30-days advancement, will result in the customer possible exercise of their "right" to reject all Lots run under the period of time, that they were not "in the light" with regards to our "unauthorized" ECN changes...
Anyone who can help affirm the usual SMT industry practices for ECN notification to customer, is greatly appreciated.


2017/2/4 2:39:04

Marvelous post. Appreciate it very much.


2017/2/4 2:39:04

I was really confused, and this answered all my qutoiesns.


2017/2/4 2:39:04



2017/2/4 2:39:04

Your article answered all my puzzles.


2017/2/4 2:39:04

I am happy that you shared this helpful information with us.

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