Electronic design automation companies

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Electronic design automation (EDA) is a category of software tools for designing electronic systems such as printed circuit boards and integrated circuits. The tools work together in a design flow that chip designers use to design and analyze entire semiconductor chips. As electronics become even more complex and pervasive, the EDA industry is more vital to the continued success of the global economy.
The first commercial EDA companies were rooted in 1981, when Daisy Systems, Mentor Graphics, and Valid Logic Systems were founded, and collectively referred to as DMV. In the next few decades, more capital and efforts come to this promising and fast growing market, and many great EDA companies become industry leaders, such as Altium, Cadence, Synopsys, etc. Today, The EDA industry market is worth of 7 Billion Dollar and is still growing, each EDA company tries to win competition with unique features.
Each year, new EDA companies come to the market, some old ones disappear, some get merged by others, some becomes new leaders, etc
So, let's take a look at the existing and dying EDA companies below.
Existing companies
EDA products
Agnisys, Inc.
IDesignSpec Register Management tool
ISequenceSpec Portable Sequence Generator
IVerifySpec Verification Management tool
DVinsight Editor and Checker for SV, UVM
Aldec, Inc.
Altera Quartus
Altium Designer (Step up from Protel)
PCB Design
Circuit Simulation
P-CAD (Ceased. Former Accel EDA from Accel Technologies)
Ansoft HFSS - High-Frequency Structure Simulation
Apache Design, Inc. products:
PowerArtist: RTL Design for Power Platform
RedHawk: Full-chip Dynamic SoC Power Integrity Solution
Totem: Analog and Mixed-Signal Power & Noise Platform
Sentinel: Chip-Package-System Co-design/Co-analysis Solution
PathFinder: Layout-based ESD Integrity Solution
Cadence Design Systems
System Development Suite with Verification Computing Platform, Virtual System Platform, Incisive Verification Platform, and Rapid Prototyping Platform
Verification IP Catalog
Design IP
Chip Planning Solution
Virtuoso - IC Artist
Virtuoso - IC Layout
Virtuoso - Layout Migrate
Innovus - Digital IC design
Encounter - Digital IC design
Encounter - Conformal-LEC
Encounter - Conformal Low Power
Encounter - Conformal ECO Designer
Encounter - Conformal Constraint Designer
Encounter - RTL Compiler
Encounter - RTL Compiler Physical
Encounter - Test ATPG
Encounter - Test Diagnostics
Encounter - Design Implementation
Encounter - QRC (Extraction & Checking)
Encounter - Nanoroute
Allegro - PC/MCM design
Incisive - functional verification
Design for Manufacturing
SPECCTRA Autorouter
Denali Software products
Sigrity products
Broadband SPICE
Channel Designer
OrbitIO Planner
Unified Package Designer (UPD) acquired from Synopsys
Forte Design Systems products
CadSoft Computer
EAGLE - PCB Design
Schematic capture
SPICE simulation
PCB layout
Dolphin Integration
SLED - Schematic entry and netlisting
SMASH - Mixed-signal, mixed-language modeling and simulation
SCROOGE TLA - Mixed-signal power consumption estimation
SoC GDS - Layout viewer and processor
GDS Reticle - Test pattern frame generator
EasyLogix - Schindler & Schill GmbH
PCB-Investigator - Professional ECAD Workstation for PCB development
GerberLogix - Free Gerber Viewer
Online-Gerber-Viewer - Free Gerber Viewer (no installation required)
TopoR - topological router for printed circuit boards laid out in any compatible systems that use the PCAD ASCII PCB, PADS ASCII PCB or DSN format
SimOne - circuit simulation (the basic circuit analyses common to SPICE modeling systems + stability analysis)
Delta Design - software tool for electronic design automation (EDA)
gschem: schematics editor
pcb: PCB layout editor
gerbv: Gerber file viewer
TARGET 3001! PCB Layout CAD Software
Schematic editor
Simulation PSpice compliant
PCB design
Front panel design
SQL component database
3D model design, STEP Import, STEP Export
PCB assembly price calculator
Electra: High speed auto router
COMPONIVERSE: A component exchange
Nebula Silicon Debugger - Interactive program which connects to Synopsys VCS and Cadence Design Systems NCSim for pre-silicon validation with cross-reference during connection to real silicon
Intercept Technology Inc
Pantheon - PCB, RF and Hybrid layout application with manufacture verification
Mozaix - Schematic entry
Indx - Library management
Windows and Linux platforms
Invio Custom EDA Tool Platform - Platform that allows IC developers to quickly build custom EDA tools in tcl or Python that parse, explore and manipulate Verilog, SystemVerilog and VHDL
JEDA Technologies
C/C++/SystemC Model Validation Tool Suite
OCP Validation Suite
TLM2.0 Validation Suite
Keysight Technologies EEsofEDA division
Advanced Design System – high frequency and high speed design
EMPro (formerly Antenna Modeling Design System) - 3D EM platform
GoldenGate (supersedes RF Design Environment) - RFIC/RF mixed signal simulator (Xpedion acquisition)
IC-CAP, Model Builder Program (MBP), Model Quality Assurance (MQA), Advanced Model Analysis (AMA) - Device modeling and validation (all but IC-CAP from Accelicon acquisition)
Genesys - RF and microwave design (Eagleware-Elanix acquisition)
SystemVue - Electronic system-level design (Eagleware-Elanix acquisition)
EM solvers:
Momentum – 3D planar, frequency domain, available with the ADS, Genesys, and GoldenGate platforms
FEM Element – full 3D, frequency domain, available with the ADS and EMPro platforms
FDTD – full 3D, time domain, available with the EMPro platform
KiCad (GPL)
eeschema - schematic capture
PCBnew - PCB layout
gerbview - Gerber viewer
Labcenter Electronics Ltd
Proteus Design Suite comprising modules for:
Schematic Capture
PCB Layout
Mixed mode SPICE circuit simulation
Micro-controller / Embedded Systems Simulation
in-circuit debuggers (JTAG and non-JTAG) with optional trace functionality
in-circuit emulators
front-ends to debug virtual platforms for embedded software development (ESL)
Mentor Graphics
ADiT - Nanometer IC Design: fast SPICE
Questa ADMS - Nanometer IC Design: mixed-signal simulator
Board Station - PCB design software
Calibre - physical verification
Catapult Synthesis - ESL Design: high-level synthesis
Catapult Library Builder - ESL Design: high-level synthesis
Design Architect-IC - Nanometer IC Design
Eldo - Nanometer IC Design: SPICE simulator
Eldo RF - Nanometer IC Design: SPICE simulator
Expedition - PCB design software
IP - intellectual property (now part of embedded systems division)
ModelSim LE - Nanometer IC Design: digital design and simulation; Linux-based simulator with Dataflow Window and Waveform Compare
ModelSim PE - Nanometer IC Design: digital design and simulation; Windows-based simulator for VHDL, Verilog, or mixed-language simulation environments
ModelSim SE - Nanometer IC Design: digital design and simulation; tri-lingual simulator with VHDL, Verilog, and SystemC
Nimbic products
Nucleus EDGE - embedded systems development tools
Inflexion - embedded systems application platform tools
Nucleus OS - embedded systems OS
Olympus-SoC - place and route
PADS - PCB design software
Platform Express Professional - ESL Design: platform-based design
Platform Express Integrator's Kit - ESL Design: platform-based design
Platform Express Client - ESL Design: platform-based design
Questa - digital and mixed-signal simulation
System Architect - ESL Design: system analysis
SystemVision - Mechatronic Design: system analysis
Tessent suite for test
Tessent TestKompress
Tessent BoundaryScan
Tessent FastScan
Tessent IJTAG
Tessent LogicBIST
Tessent Scan/ScanPro
Vista - ESL Design: system debug
Visual Elite - ESL Design: system integration
Veloce/Veloce2 - high speed, high capacity SoC emulation
Through LogicVision Acquisition
Dragonfly - Embedded test IP insertion tool for logic, memory and mixed-signal testing
Silicon Insight - Interactive program that works with 3rd party testers for controlling and logging of data on the device for at-speed testing
Yield Insight - Yield analysis program which looks at foundry and performance data to diagnose possible problems
VisualSim Architect(Mirabilis Design Inc)
Systems Specification and Design
Hardware Design
Software Validation
Power Exploration
Library Creator - Standard Cell Library Platform (IP creation and migration)
Design Optimizer - Concurrent analysis and optimization of design, constraints and libraries
Design Services - Standard Cell Library IP and Performance Extension IP
National Instruments
National Instruments Electronics Workbench Group
NI Multisim - schematic capture and simulation
NI Ultiboard - printed circuit board layout editor
AWR Corporation products
Pulsonix Schematic Capture
Pulsonix Advanced PCB Layout
Embedded Component Technology
Flexi-rigid Circuit Design
Chip-on-board Design
Spice Mixed Mode A/D Simulation
Constraints Driven Interactive High Speed Design
Shape Based Autorouter
Product Life Management(PLM) Interface
Corporate Database Connection Interface
3D View
Silvaco International
Analog & mixed signal
Utmost III - Device characterization and modeling
Utmost IV - Device Characterization and SPICE Modeling
Spayn - Statistical Parameter and Yield Analysis
Gateway - Schematic Editor
SmartSpice - Analog Circuit Simulator
SmartSpiceRF - Frequency and time domain RF circuit simulator
Harmony - Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulator
Custom IC CAD
Expert - Layout Editor
Guardian - DRC/LVS/NET Physical Verification
Hipex - Full-Chip Parasitic Extraction
Interconnect modeling
Quest - 3D RF Passive Device Modeling
Clever - RC Extractor for Realistic 3D Structures
Stellar - 3D Physics-Based RC Extractor for Large Cells
Exact - Full Chip LPE Rule File Generator
Digital CAD
Silos - Verilog Simulator
HyperFault - Mixed-Level Fault Simulator
AccuCell - Cell Characterization and Modeling
AccuCore - Block Characterization, Modeling and STA
Catalyst AD - SPICE Netlist to Verilog Gates Converter
Catalyst DA - Verilog Netlist to SPICE Netlist Converter
Spider - Place and Route Design Flow
Solido Design Automation
Variation Designer - variation-aware design of custom integrated circuits
Fast PVT—verify against process, voltage, and temperature corners
Fast Monte Carlo—verification against 3-sigma process (statistical) variation
High-Sigma Monte Carlo—verification against high-sigma process (statistical) variation
Cell Optimizer—automated sizing of custom ICs
Synopsys, Inc.
Astro - place and route
Cosmos Scope
Custom Designer
Design Compiler
DFT Compiler
DFTMAX compression
Hercules - physical verification
IC Compiler - place and route
IC Validator
Physical Compiler
Proteus OPC
Protocol Analyzer (debugging tool)
PrimeTime - static timing analysis
Sentaurus TCAD
Spice explorer
Synphony C Compiler - high-level synthesis
Yield Explorer - yield management
Develops the Gerber format, PCB CAM software
Upverter, Inc.
Schematic Capture
PCB Layout
System Design Tool
ISE Design Suite
Zuken, Inc.
Cabling Designer
Defunct EDA companies
EDA companies that no longer exist (as of 2011)
Analog Design Automation
acquired by Synopsys Inc. in 2004
Creative Genius - Automated sizing of analog integrated circuits
IP Explorer - High-dimensional visualization of analog performance tradeoffs
Ansoft Corporation
acquired by Ansys Inc.
Applied Wave Research
acquired by National Instruments
Microwave Office
Analog Office
Visual System Simulator
Automated Systems, Inc.
acquired by Cadence Design SystemsEDA_companies#cite_note-3"> in 1990
PRANCE GT - Placement, Routing and Numerical Control Editing for PCB design and layout
Avant! Corporation
acquired by Synopsys in 2002. Avant! itself resulted from the merger of ArcSys and Integrated Silicon Systems on November 27, 1995. It acquired Anagram on September 27, 1996, Meta-Software on October 29, 1996, FrontLine Design Automation on November 27, 1996 and Nexsyn Design Technology on December 31, 1996.
acquired by Cadence in 2011
PowerCentric - Clock tree synthesis and automatic clock gating
Rubix - Physical optimization and automatic useful skew
merged into Valid, then Cadence Design Systems
Acquired by Synopsys in July 2012.
CoFluent Design
acquired by Intel in 2011.
CoFluent Studio
CoFluent Reader
acquired by Synopsys in March 2010
Daisy Systems
merged with Cadnetix in 1988
Denali Software
acquired by Cadence Design Systems in Q2 of 2010
ECAD, Inc.
merged with SDA Systems in 1987 to create Cadence
Forte Design Systems
acquired by Cadence Design Systems in 2014
Gateway Design Automation
acquired by Cadence Design Systems in 1989
Verilog HDL
Ikos Systems
acquired by Mentor Graphics in 2002
NSIM - gate-level simulation accelerator HW
Gemini - Verilog simulation accelerator product
Voyager - VHDL simulation accelerator product
Interactive Image Technologiesor Electronics Workbench
acquired by National Instruments in 2005
acquired by Mentor Graphics in 2009
Magma Design Automation, Inc.
acquired by Synopsys in 2012
Nimbic, Inc. (formerly Physware)
acquired by Mentor in 2014
acquired by Cadence in 1999
renamed as Altium
SpringSoft, Inc.
acquired by Synopsys
Verdi - automated debug system
Debussy - debug modules
Siloti - visibility enhancement solutions
Certitude - Functional Qualification System
Laker - Custom Layout System
acquired by Synopsys
Valid Logic Systems
merged into Cadence


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