Electronic component

2016/8/4 7:31:00

I'm in need of electronic component for tapping and giving a type of massage on the skin.What words should I use to search?


2016/12/15 4:22:02

You could use the keyword "haptic actuator" for searching. Haptics includes both vibration motors and resonant actuators used for tactile feedback.

Dmitry Pugachev

2016/11/3 11:38:03

I guess waht you want is a solenoid. A solenoid pulls or pushes the actuator shaft in or out when you energize the solenoid coil. If the shaft is too thin you can put a rubber or plastic cap on it.


2016/8/6 7:31:00

Keep your sharing like this. You have made a nice post and I really learned a lot from you. It will help me work out my new project.

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