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PCB Cost Reduce

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With the development of modern technology, PCBs are widely used, and with the cost down of electronic equipment, everyone wants cheaper and cheaper prices. The heavy cost pressure can also be felt in the PCB industry. Of course when making the PCB boards, we can find a lot of ways to reduce the cost, like changing the base material, changing the material of solder mask...

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Easy PCB quote
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There are inevitable inner factors affecting PCB prices. Here is some information for reference but you can contact your manufacturer for details.


PCB offer: prototype and batch 


Prototype has both common and expedited service.Common service delivery depends on the number of layers, one day for 1 layer board; three days for double-sided, multi-layer will require several to ten days. 


Single-sided board costs 150 yuan + fabrication costs 0.04 yuan/square meter + film fee +0.05 yuan/square centimeter

Double-sided board costs 250 yuan + fabrication costs 0.05 yuan/square meter + film fee +0.05 yuan/square centimeter

Four layers board costs 600 yuan + fabrication costs 0.01 yuan/square meter + film fee +0.05 yuan/square centimeter.Depending on the difficulty of board, some factories will also add the test fee. Test fee is generally 0.002 yuan/point.

Expedited-service board has shorter delivery time.

One-day expedited service for 2 layers board costs 200-400rmb for each

Three-day expedited service for 4 layers board costs 600-1000rmb for each

Three-day expedited service for 6 layers board costs 800-1000rmb for each


Batch is divided into small and large quantities.The unit price of small volume board is much higher than high volume. For example,450yuan/square meter is for double-sided 1.6MM board in large quantities. But for small batch, PCB processing manufacturers will not be willing even at higher price: more than 500 yuan/square meter.

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