Easy pcb manufacturing tutorial

2017/5/24 11:22:52

Tired of waiting my boards from manufacturers,especially my time is a bit urgent.Sometimes,slow lead time may delay my project.Thus,I want to try to make boards on my own.I have never done this before and wondering if there exists any useful manufacturing tutorial.


2017/5/24 12:00:46

Try to start with simple project.Everything can not be done overnight.
Here is the example, gathering all things about PCB and you will find what you need:

Daniel Gilbert

2017/5/24 11:44:40

If you are a new in PCB,then you will need more basic info to get started. Hope these guides and tutorials online will help:

Practical PCB Layout Tips Every Designer Needs to Know
How to Make the Perfect PCB - Part 1 - Michael Leonard

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