Dual Process for Reflow

2017/2/27 20:28:53

Hello Reflow Masters;
I'm using an Omniflo-10E reflow oven. Due to high demands of our production in lead free process, can I use my existing leaded line as an native? Does this option affect the lead contamination of the solder in Pb-Free to go beyond acceptability as per RoHS Annex 7 directive? http://www.apcmedia.com/salestools/RLIE-6QJP6V_R0_EN.pdf
I believe that we are exempted with this: 7b) RoHS Content It is prohibited to market electrical and electronic devices containing higher than allowed levels of the environmentally hazardous substances listed in RoHS. Selling appliances containing these substances is prohibited at all levels of trade.
For instance, 8 hours running on leaded followed by lead-free and back to leaded process again, with just changing the recipe per process.
Any thoughts?


2017/3/1 20:28:53

Thanks for the article. Very valuable.


2017/3/1 20:28:53

Very valuable!

Artur Assun??o

2017/3/1 20:28:53

Very impressive posting. Thank you for your efforts.


2017/3/1 20:28:53

Like this post very much.

Andreas Jonsson

2017/3/1 20:28:53

Very valuable!

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