differences between a "Galvanic Gold" finish and ENIG?

2017/2/28 17:50:12

Good Morning! Could one of you PCB Fab Gurus (DaveF)please school me on the differences between a "Galvanic Gold" finish and ENIG? I have a customer requesting Galvanic Gold, and to be honest, after 18 years in Contract Manufacturing, I've never really heard of it! Please and thanks!!

Guy Ovadia

2017/3/2 17:50:12

The article has really peaked my interest.Hope you can write again soon.

European Biz

2017/3/2 17:50:12

I was really confused, and this answered all my qutoiesns.

Teguh Sobirin

2017/3/2 17:50:12

This post is really interesting.

Enrico Gensale

2017/3/2 17:38:41

Great work. I really appreciate it.

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