Designing spark without bottom solder mask, is it possible?

2016/5/26 10:46:29

Anyone messing with Design spark PCB files? Just getting started with them to get beyond the Diptrace demo limitations. I want to get a board done with no solder mask on the bottom layer of a double-sided board. The bottom layer will be all gnd plane, no vias or tracks. Will there have a PCB fab accept gerbers without the bottom solder mask layer?

Adrian Voroniuc

2016/12/24 7:37:12

There are three options about the solder mask supplied by PCB manufactuerers: none, top only and bottom only. If you select one of the options the PCB will be manufactured that way.

Antonio Rubio Llorca

2016/11/10 9:47:24

Instead of making through-hole connector solder pads you can use self created solder pads which have to be on component side, the same as for the LED.


2016/7/8 14:33:50

I would appreciate a lot getting a photo of your project. No solder mask on the bottom normally means there is absolutely no wired component in the design.

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