De-wetting on Immersion Silver finish board

2017/2/2 3:49:06

One of our divisions is having this problem:
- De-wetting on the smt pads and componenent termination on the bottom side after top side procssed through reflow. Board finish is immersion silver.
? Any recommendation on what we should check & verify * Problem is random in nature. Not component related * De-wetting only on the bottom side after top side reflow * De-wetting only on chip components/pads * There are vias on pads but the problem is not correlated with these pads * No apparent contamination on the pads * Have not verified the immersion silver thickness


2017/2/4 3:49:06

very useful informations.


2017/2/4 3:49:06

Appreciate your sharing.Please keep up your updates.

Alessio Gandini

2017/2/4 3:49:06

Pretty good and useful info to my job. Keep on checking your post.


2017/2/4 3:49:06

I am a new beginner and looking for good info for study. The posted info is pretty good. I will share it with my friends.

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