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PCB manufacturing consists of many steps, such as PCB CAM, Panelization, Copper patterning, etc. This group is mainly talked about the problems during PCB manufacturing!

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Curing Conformal Coating
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I've been looking into UV cureable conformal coating and the UV ovens but a chemist I know is very negative about this. He suggest by heating standard conformal coating to 90deg for a couple of minutes will make the product good enough to handle/pack(all what UV curing does). He also thinks UV conformal coating is unstale (must store it at a particular temperature, has limited shelf life, will probably go off before we use it all) I am in Australia, so we'll have to import it in 40lb drums from loctite @ $2.5k each.
What I don't get is; UV conformal coating is more expensive, UV curing oven, i think, are more expensive but why is it so widely used in the industry when a cheaper more robust conformal coating can be used with a cheaper oven?
What am I missing?
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Quite good posting. Your knowledge is quite impressive and useful to me who is new beginner. Hope you can write more posts and I will keep on reading.

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