cracked capacitors at SMT 1&2

2017/2/2 8:10:17

Currently we have an issue with cracked capacitors at SMT 1&2. We have seen several different types of capacitors cracked on at least three different products. We are using an "Universal 4796 HSP".This has been checked by a rep from "Universal" who could find nothing wrong with the machine. Support under the board during placement is ok.We are using plastic support pins and not a "Nest fixture". We have seen the cracked capacitors pre-reflow. We have checked the oven and made sure everything was OK there.It was fine. Conveyors etc have all checked out ok.Feeders have been checked to ensure they have been calibrated. It occurrs maybe one in 300 units built. Has any one else had this issue and if so,can you offer some assistance in to how we can eliminate this issue?.


2017/2/4 8:10:17

Many thanks. Your idea is very valuable. Will certainly share this post with my pals.

Juan Matte

2017/2/4 8:10:17

I think you are a genuis. The idea in your post is quite helpful and lights me. I have been puzzled for a long time in my new project.


2017/2/4 8:10:17

Keep your sharing like this. You have made a nice post and I really learned a lot from you. It will help me work out my new project.

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