CP6 placement problems

2017/2/27 22:03:16

I am having some problems with my Fuji CP6 placement repeat-ability.
The placement drifts during the build about .06-.10 mm on parts. It has happened on several different builds this week. It is enough to cause some defects after reflow on small parts (0402) and rnets.
I dial it in using double sticky tape and then after 3-5 boards it is off in the x again, usually back to where it was earlier. The Y has also needed adjustment, but not quite as much.
The PCB seems clamped securely. Part heights are correct. The machine is older 13714.5 hours on the counter One other symptom this morning is the 8 pin standard soic with 1.27mm pitch parts are way off in the x. .15-.20mm


2017/3/1 22:03:16

I have share it with my classmates. They all appreciate it a lot.

Sinan Atilla

2017/3/1 22:03:16

I must say you have very interesting posts here.


2017/3/1 22:03:16

It is pretty helpful to my daily learning.


2017/3/1 22:03:16

You are a genuis!

Lukas Krehel

2017/3/1 22:03:16

Pretty good and useful info to my job. Keep on checking your post.

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